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5 Top Tips for selecting your agent: Ben’s Barometer October 2016

5 Top Tips for selecting your agent: Ben’s Barometer October 2016

As the spring market heats up, many of you will have started researching agents to sell your home. When you are selecting your agent, it is easy to buy into one angle or another, but beware. Real estate is not scientific management. Your agent combined with their recommended sales and advertising strategies can have a significant impact over your eventual sale price. Here are a few criteria which will help guide you towards making a good decision and avoid buying into the hype.

Beware the celebrity agent.

Large profile agents are very good at the pitch. They are wheeled out to appraise your property and take the glory come deadline date. But how much are they actually involved in the running of your campaign? Real estate sales are not as easy as following the instructions to make a Big Mac so handing off your property to a junior agent could have a negative effect on your bottom line. When you are considering a high profile agent, some key questions to ask are “who will be running my open homes?” and “how many other listings do you have on at the moment?” Listing with an agent that has the time to form relationships with the potential buyers of your property will give you a better chance of achieving a premium result.

It’s all about you, not me.

Agents that talk about themselves and the company have misunderstood the relationship.  It’s about you and your property so this is where the focus should be. An agent that starts a presentation talking about their company or their successes is putting their needs first. Choose an agent that takes the time to research your property and exhibits a solid knowledge of the market in which it sits. An agent that cares about your property will be able to talk with confidence about it to buyers and this in turn provides assurance to potential purchasers. The more people who are confident in their purchasing decision, the more competition and a greater likelihood of achieving an above market result.

The right data not loads of data.

There appears to be unlimited amount of data on the internet but it’s important that your agent has the ability to source the information which is relevant to your property. Avoid the agent that relies on massive print outs of information or automated market (price) assessments. You can be sure that the buyers know what information is relevant so your agent should too.

Plan B is just as important as a Plan A.

There are no guarantees that your property will sell at the deadline so you should always have a plan B. A good agent will have thought and discussed this with you in advance so that if need be, you can quickly switch tacks in line with market feedback. Being prepared with a solid plan B allows you to reinvigorate your campaign and maintain control over the sale.

No care, no responsibility.

For those who know me, they will attest to the fact that I’m one of the worst spellers around. But spelling and grammatical mistakes in advertising and agent profiles shows a lack of care. Well written ad scripts which clearly identify a target market and highlight the key selling points demonstrates an agent’s ability to understand the property they are marketing.  If the basic things aren’t done right, then the important things won’t be either. Taking time to research how an agent markets themselves and the properties they represent will give you a good indication on how they will perform when it comes to your biggest asset. (Lucky for me Amanda is responsible for all of the advertising at Ben Stevens and the team).



Wellington Market Quick Facts

Average sale price comparison by area


Mayoral Race Facts 2016

As we write this Barometer, Wellington is in2016_local_elections_0 full “local election” mode, with signposts on every corner encouraging us to vote.

Did you know?

  • Local elections are held every 3 years
  • Anyone who is recorded on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll as a resident in the Wellington Region, or who owns a property in Wellington (is a ratepayer) can vote
  • Only approximately 40% of the enrolled voting population vote in the local elections
  • This year voting is at an all time low

Have you voted yet?


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