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How can I get the best price for my house?

As with any product, it is to your advantage to present your home as best you can for sale. When considering where to spend money you should keep your target market in mind and what would appeal to them. For example, if you are targeting families and have the ability to stage your home with a second living space or usable outdoor space, these would be excellent places to invest a bit of time or money. If your property is more suited to a double income couple, an office will generally hold more appeal than a third bedroom. The more buyers you can appeal to, the more people will visit your home. Staging a property to ensure those people form an emotional attachment to your home, and subsequently make an offer, is the final step of the process. The more parties offering on your property, the more likely you are to achieve a result in excess of the property’s market value.

When investing any money it is important to see a positive return and some spends will be more worthwhile than others. If you are unsure about your target market or where to invest, we are happy to help. Amanda, our home staging specialist, offers great tips and hands on assistance to prepare your home for sale.

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