Compare Listings

When you are making the decision on the best agent to represent your property, do your homework. The most influential factor in the sale of your home is the person greeting the buyers at your door. It is common practice to seek the agent with the highest profile believing they must be the best. High property volumes can be the sign of an effective agent but can also mean less direct involvement in the process. To help confirm the best agent for you.

  1. Ask your family and friends who they used and what they thought of the experience. You will quickly get an honest picture of how well an agent actually performs.
  1. Meet with a few agents and get a feel for their approach. Did they make the meeting about your needs and your property or all about them? What ideas did they have for the marketing of your home? Did they seem honest and likely to show enthusiasm for your property even if it were to sit on the market? Who, regardless of the commission rate, did you honestly believe was the right agent to sell your home?
  1. Check client testimonialsThese will generally reflect the personality and priorities of the agent. Make sure that those same priorities are a good fit for you.


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