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No such thing as a free lunch!

No such thing as a free lunch!

FREE is such a powerful word which is why it is used so frequently and effectively in advertising. But is anything really free?

In the real estate industry the word free is normally followed closely by the words ‘market appraisal’. So, when you decide that you would like a so-called ‘Free Market Appraisal’, what is it that you will actually receive? A considered assessment from a self-titled ‘area specialist’ or ‘marketing guru’ perhaps? And what are the real motives behind someone working for you for free? For any agent, the opportunity to be invited past the letter box (even the ones with ‘no junk mail’) is done in the hope of securing the property for sale. So how much work has gone into these ‘Free Market Appraisals’?  Well that really depends on the skill and knowledge of the agent. In this day and age there are plenty of desk top systems which have been designed to eliminate the dartboard approach of arriving at a figure. The danger of such systems is that a computer has no knowledge of the quality of your property or the sales it relies on.  Although you do not have to pay for your ‘free appraisal’, if an agent gets it wrong, the actual cost to your property can be very expensive.

Engaging an experienced agent with the knowledge and skill to arrive at a value range which is based on actual comparable sales is imperative. Don’t be misled by expensive collateral used to bulk out weak market appraisals. Look for content specific to your property, including sales. Also ensure your agent has given consideration to the target and local markets when deciding on sales methods and advertising recommendations. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’.

Wellington Market

Well if you blinked you would have missed the summer selling season as we head into the autumn/winter period. If you are still thinking about selling your home, consider how sunny and warm your home is at this time of year and whether your garden still has appeal during the winter months. Most agents would agree that if your property shows well during winter, reduced competition over that period means that it is a great time to sell.

Wellington Property stats

Average sale price by area 2014/2015

February 2014February 2015

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