Why more time is better

One indicator that a market is running hot is a dramatic fall in ‘days on market’. Just last week a TVNZ story noted that days on market were in decline across the country with Wellington the lowest of them all. So we pose the question, do low days on market equate to higher prices?

Sold in 24hrs

Every time I hear someone crowing about how quicky they sold their property, my eyes roll a little. I ask myself why they didn’t at least allow themselves to make it to the open home. It’s also not uncommon for buyers to mention that they turned up to an open home only to be informed that, if interested, they would need to offer that same day. So, why does this happen?


Behavioural economics has grown in popularity since the late 2000’s thanks in part to the movie and podcast series ‘Freakanomics’. One of their featured stories was a study that found real estate agents in America sold their own properties for more money than their clients. The reason? They marketed their home for longer. What the researchers found was that real estate agents were incentivised to sell their clients’ homes quickly so that they could move onto the next deal. But ultimately, they recognised exposure to the market and getting buyers through the door is what drives a premium price. So, when it came to their own home, they allowed the time to create the competition and maximise the end result.

Same pay for less work

From an agent’s perspective, particularly a busy one, selling stock quicker allows for increased productivity and income. If an agent can achieve an acceptable result in the first few days, it means no open homes, no call backs, no private viewings and no reports to write. But is it an agent’s job to achieve an acceptable price? No. Any agent you engage should be out to achieve the very best outcome from the market. And, if it wasn’t possible for agents to drive a premium, then private sales would reign supreme.


Fear is a very real and valid emotion which drives behaviour in all aspects of life, often irrationally. And when your home is on the market, this can be a very scary and stressful time. There is often a lot riding on the outcome, for example, the purchase of your dream home. So when your agent comes to you and says ‘we have an offer which you need to consider because otherwise the buyer is going to consider another property’, what do you do? The answer. Sell.

It’s a conundrum and we completely understand it. Fearful sellers at the mercy of their agent. But in ten years of running deadline and tender campaigns right through to the advertised date, we have never had a buyer drop out of the process because they are not prepared to wait. Not only that, we watch time and time again as buyers work their way up the pricing scale during the campaign period as they become more invested in (and emotional about) the home. This is something to ponder if you are thinking of selling in the near future.

Always an exception to the rule

Every now and again an offer as good as “winning Lotto” is placed in front of a vendor. These are often unsolicited – perhaps from a door knock or letter in your box – and can be too good to refuse. The best way to decide if an offer is worth considering is to refer to the market assessment your agent initially provided. If the offer sits outside the top of their range, then maybe just maybe it’s worth cutting the campaign short.


The Wellington Market

For those of you on the open home circuit at the moment you may have noticed a reduction of buyers out at open homes. While the sales board continues to tick over, we are seeing about a third of the numbers we did even at the start of the year with far fewer new buyers looking to join the queues.  The drop off is in line with a predictable seasonal drop which has most definitely been compounded by aggressive new government policies. What will be interesting is the three-month trend from April – June. That data should give a clearer picture of where the country is tracking.


Wellington Market Quick Stats:

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