Raw Sewage

Wellington wastewater issues continue to plague the city as our aging infrastructure haunts us. Last month trucks blocked main CBD routes as they were put to work removing wastewater to prevent another environmental issue in the harbour. No sooner had the trucks taken the sewage and buried it at the rubbish dump, did the pipes burst in Aro Valley. No wonder rates are on the (significant) rise! So what lessons can we take from Wellington’s woes?

Lipstick on a pig

A little like politics, the above ground activities create a lot more buzz than the below ground stuff. But it can be like putting lipstick on a pig. We all enjoy the reveal of a shiny new bathroom but not so much the new pipes that are needed to remove the water. What few buyers and owners fail to realise is that the vast majority of the pipes in your property are the original ones from when the house was built. This means that if you are sitting in a Californian bungalow, your pipes are 90 years old. And while we would like to think everything lasts forever, it doesn’t.

Under investment

Having been the victim of some piping issues I know firsthand the expense to rectify them. There’s labour, health and safety, access issues and traffic management and added up this means a small piece of pipe can end up costing thousands of dollars. Then once it’s done, all you have is a small scar in the earth and a big hole in the wallet.

Prevention is better than cure

Having a plan is a little boring, particularly if you like spontaneity. But a good plan can help manage future disasters. For those with long memories you might recall my various discussions on deferred maintenance. This is because it’s an area that can have real impact on the value and appeal of your home. When markets are good maintenance is easily overlooked.  But when the market flattens deferred maintenance, or lack of, can mean the difference between a sale or not. Building, plumbing and wiring isn’t something that only needs to be checked prior to selling. Putting money aside to stay on top of maintenance is a sensible thing to do, even if it’s not exciting.

The Wellington Market

We’re all starting to notice it’s a little darker in the morning and there’s a sniff of autumn in the air. That being said, March and April are great months to sell especially while the stock levels remain low and demand is high. There are still some excellent sales results being achieved out there, but it does appear things have started to become a bit more predictable. A keen observer will note some properties remain unsold (not by us) even in this busy market. Could it be that some owners may have overestimated where the market is right now? Only time will tell.

Wellington Market Quick Stats:

What’s on this March in Wellington?

CubaDupa Street Fesitval, 27th – 28th March, Cuba Precint

CubaDupa will be returning to the streets of Wellington in all its glory on the 27th and 28th of March 2021. The whole country is invited to join the Beautiful Disruption, and reset your frequency at the most creative and diverse event on the calendar.

This free, family-friendly event, interrupts your regular weekend schedule to bring you over 19 hours of curated entertainment spanning multiple genres and creative mediums. CubaDupa has become synonymous with colour, character, costume and a weekend at which Wellingtonians feel free to bring out their wild side.

Click here to find out more info

Pūtahi Festival Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre, 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown, Fri 12 March 2021 – Sat 20 March 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Pūtahi Festival will be returning to Pōneke in 2021 and will showcase rangatahi Māori and Pasifika theatre & dance practitioners from across Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa throughout the nine-day festival.

Pūtahi Festival will be presenting a series of theatre and dance pieces throughout the nine-day festival. This will be a celebration of PLAY, being on stage and creating work. Throughout 2020 many artists were unable to perform in person and on stage, and we are looking forward to celebrating our rangatahi and their works in progress in March 2021. Audiences are welcomed into a process that is artist centred and development focused.

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Crowded House Return To The Island, TSB Arena, Queens Wharf, Mon 15 March

Internationally regarded band, Crowded House, are returning to New Zealand early 2021 for their To the Island tour, heading up Wellington’s TSB Bank Arena on March 15.

A treat for old and new fans alike, the show will share known hits such as Don’t Dream It’s Over and Something So Strong, as well as new music – the first in more than a decade. Along with the announcement of the tour, the band released their latest single, Whatever You Want, to tide you over until you can hear the real deal.

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