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Real Estate Magic: Ben’s Barometer July 2018

Real Estate Magic Growing up, there was nothing more exciting than a televised David Copperfield event.  We all watched him walk through the Great Wall of China and escape from a strait jacket while submerged in a tank of water.

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Real Estate Dreams And Nightmares: Ben’s Barometer June 2018

Real Estate Dreams and Nightmares I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kiwis love property. Why? Because the sale and purchase of property is a relatively easy process. Finance in NZ is readily available and historically it has

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Rich May, Poor May: Ben’s Barometer May 2018

Rich May, Poor May A lot has been talked about the ever-widening gap between rich and poor in society. We often hear about the bulk of the wealth being controlled by the top one percent. We are noticing a similar

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Let’s Talk Money: Ben’s Barometer April 2018

Trying to buy a house isn’t easy. And it can be even harder if you are new to the market and are trying to buy in a city which favours ‘no price marketing methods’. The other day, a client of

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The Canary in the Coal Mine: Ben’s Barometer March 2018

The Canary in the coal mine When a market shifts, people are often left wondering ‘how have things changed so much and so quickly?’ Like a canary in a coal mine, there are always indicators, often undetectable, to those outside

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Agents of Social Media #humblebrag: Ben’s Barometer February 2018

There is a new career opportunity directly associated with social media known as an ‘influencer’. Slightly showing my age, I was stunned to find out that people can make great money out of running well supported social media accounts on

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Will the ban on foreign investment affect your house price? Ben’s Barometer December 2017

When something is going wrong, or we are unhappy with our position, we look for someone to blame. In the real estate game, according to the government, that fault lies with foreign buyers. Why? Because they have come into our

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Good Question: Ben’s Barometer November 2017

I really enjoy questions. They give me the ability to address any issues that a potential client might have, and it allows the conversation to progress to a deeper level. This process will often uncover fears or uncertainties about the

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How long is a piece of string? Ben’s Barometer October 2017

We are often asked ‘how long will it take to sell my house? No two properties are the same so it is hard to give an exact time-frame for the sale of your home. At the moment, the average days

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Get out of my sidebar! Ben’s Barometer September 2017

It came to my attention recently, that roll around mid-afternoon, big takeaway chains bombard our screens with enticing imagery of smiling families, pizza & burgers. This all happily coincides with kids engaged in afternoon programming and weary parents contemplating the evening

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Latest Testimonial

Latest testimonial

“Ben and Amanda, you have been outstanding from start to finish. You guys could not be further from the stereotype of a Real Estate agent and we are so grateful for all of your hard work.

We were immediately impressed with your integrity, knowledge, professionalism and sincere interest in doing the best job for us. You have such different personalities and in your business they work so, so well together. We loved the way you each used your particular strengths to support us and make selling our houses such a pleasure, and a huge success!

You gave us brilliant, considered, insightful advice for both the properties. We really enjoyed your excellent communication at every stage, especially the valuable open home reports. We still cannot believe you called every single person who attended!

We have absolutely loved working with you and it goes without saying that we would never use anyone but you to sell with in the future. You buck the trend because you really care about the people you work for and getting the best possible result for them. We would be delighted to personally recommend you to anyone, anywhere, who is thinking of selling.Thank you so much for everything!”


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