Connecting people and property

Advanced internet marketing

If you’re thinking about selling your home then comprehensive, smart, targeted advertising is where it is at. You need to be anywhere and everywhere all at the same time and retargeting is how to get there. We can take your property and advertise it on websites, and in the news feeds of potential buyers.

Get your property seen by tens of thousands of people online.

exposure to passive and active buyers

How it works

Google ads

Google has the ability to deliver highly targeted and personalised ad campaigns within thousands of New Zealand’s most popular websites. You know the ones. It’s that dress you put in your shopping cart but never checked out, or that holiday destination you have been researching that is suddenly everywhere you are online. This is ‘retargeting’ and these ads are driven by the collection of behavioural and geodata collected as a result of your online browsing habits. They keep your property front of mind of your buyer.

Facebook ads

Half of all Kiwis are on Facebook. Using what we know about the people you want to reach – such as age, location, behaviors, and relationship status – we can advertise your property directly to the audience most likely to be interested in buying it. This means your property will pop up in their news feed and sidebar, attracting further interest as it’s liked, shared and commented on. It’s a win-win!

Unique property website

Having a dedicated website for your property allows us to showcase it at it’s absolute best. Optimised for mobile and user engagement, your property website allows us to ‘virtually tag’ vistors so that we can retarget them again, and again, on the web and Facebook – reminding them just how special your property is.

Your home shown to thousands of buyers
ray white real estate
one roof

Digital platforms are the overwhelming preference for buyers actively searching for property. Compared with more traditional avenues, online advertising can be very crowded, so now more than ever first impressions really count! To stand out from the crowd you need magazine quality photography, a captivating title, wide ranging exposure and optimisation on key websites. And when you sell with Ray White, you can rest assured we have you covered. With access to all of the major national and international property websites, and targeted exposure on popular social media platforms, we will take your home and market it to motivated buyers all around the world.

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